Undisturbed production process requires skilled staff, monitored environment and faultless materials of high quality.

The production process takes place in our plant located at Poljane nad Škofjo Loko where we carry out all the phases of developing and manufacturing a specific polyester composite. In accordance with the customer’s needs, installations and special reconstructions or improvements of structures and products can also take place elsewhere, for example in the customer’s premises.

Faultless and regularly monitored production of reinforced polyester, which combines tradition and the newest technology, gives us the ability to provide our customers with aesthetically and technologically advanced products every time.

With commitment, open communication and loyalty to customers we can adjust and design each phase of the production process according to the specific needs of each and every project and customer.

We meet the set deadlines. In cases of emergency, our customers can reach us also outside of business hours. Responsiveness and accessibility are our virtues. Our customer service department and our experts are always ready to help and advise you. When the customer runs into a problem or has special needs, which surpass the regular business collaboration and pre-arranged services, we always take a step further to help them to the best of our ability, so the production process can proceed without delays.

We respect our customers and highly value their trust, which is demonstrated again and again through new orders and projects. Strong, respectful and honest relationship with our partners is the foundation from which we build the entire production process.