PoliesterPlast manufactures various models of front caps for motorhomes and all other polyester elements of the highest quality. Individual elements can be dyed in various RAL colours according to customer’s desires.

We manufacture:

  • front caps,
  • top edge mouldings,
  • corner mouldings,
  • cabin claddings,
  • other elements according to customer’s desires.

We are proud of our long-term collaboration with the Adria Mobil company. We have been working together very successfully since the very beginnings of their business manufacturing motorhomes.

For the past few consecutive years we have received the highest evaluation for the quality of a partner, which is based on the analysis of the company’s data collected with regard to the percentage of reclamations, meeting delivery deadlines, responsiveness, flexibility, competitiveness and other important characteristics of doing business with a particular supplier which represents a link in the supply chain.

This acknowledgement, testifying that our products are ranked among products of the highest quality year after year, represents an important starting point from where we can further design our own policy of quality management which is based on the concept of constantly improving quality indicators.


Partner: Adria Mobil, d. o. o.
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