PoliesterPlast manufactures exterior bodywork elements for buses and all related interior polyester elements of the highest quality. Individual elements can be dyed in various RAL colours according to customer’s desires.

We manufacture:

  • front cabins,
  • back panels,
  • bumpers,
  • edge mouldings,
  • front panel grilles,
  • entry steps,
  • fender liners,
  • boot caddings,
  • dashboards,
  • switch holders,
  • AC covers,
  • other elements according to customer’s needs.

We have been collaborating with the AS Domžale d.o.o. company ever since they started establishing their own production of buses, which was finally realised in 2002. In the first years of their business, we helped them launch and establish the production line of buses, and later on, we got actively involved in the development of specific models of vehicles (Rapido, Marathon and Crossman). Our collaboration with AS Domžale d.o.o. has been successful to this day, even after more than 20 years of the company’s establishment.

The recognition of acquiring the status of a developmental supplier through the years is of great importance to us. This testifies that we have earned the company’s trust not only to provide the ordered products, but also to be actively involved in the process of developing a particular product which the company needs. Solely on the basis of the given product specifications and by using our own development process we can then design the final product to meet the company’s expectations regarding the dimensions and functionality.


Partner: AS Domžale d.o.o.
Partner's website: www.as-domzale.si