We manufacture all polyester elements for boats:

  • jockey steering consoles,
  • seats (one-seater, two-seater),
  • side steps and bow steps – cleats,
  • steering consoles,
  • polyester bottoms (3.8 m, 3 m, 2.75 m),
  • other parts made to order.

We also offer polishing, upkeeping and repair of polyester elements integrated into vessels.

Long-term business collaboration between the customer and the supplier is based on trust that the quality of the products provided is impeccable and on the willingness or the capability of the supplier to offer prompt technical support and consulting services according to customer’s needs.

We highly value our partnership with the Marinar company which produces and develops inflatable boats. Our collaboration of more than 20 years testifies that we have remained competitive and flexible throughout all those years and that we are good at meeting our commitments.

Based on the unique needs of the nautical industry we clearly understand the specific characteristics of polyester as a material used in the production of various types of vessels. Our products meet all the safety and functional standards, as the production of polyester elements for vessels is our special skill that we have been improving and upgrading through knowledge and experience for over 20 years.

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