POLIESTERPLAST d.o.o. is extremely proud of its longlasting world-renowned business partner ADRIA MOBIL d.o.o..

In the new season 2019 Adria’s vehicles are designed with adventures in mind. Manufactured at state of the art production facilities, supported by class-leading warranties and over 450 dealers across Europe and beyond, the well known Adria badge is every users assurance of quality on his travels. Adria motorhomes are meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure safety, comfort and enjoyment. »Built to enjoy, built to last,« they are true to their words.

We are thrilled to produce the very best polyester body shell cladding so we can help Adria Mobil to keep giving its buyers the very best in the new season (https://www.adria-mobil.com/motorhomes) as well.