We are proud of each and every project collaboration with our partners. We always strive to offer you the products that will satisfy your every need.

We commit to meeting the technological and market needs of our partners, and we help them stay one step ahead of competition. Each project involves, from the beginning to the end, the entire professional staff who dedicates enough time to a specific problem to design and carry out the best possible production process with minimum production costs.

We believe in the power of an open and two-way communication. If problems occur or modifications to the products are necessary, we will immediately organise a meeting in which our professional team will, together with the customer’s representatives, actively investigate the actual circumstances of the problem and define the relevant technical specifications in order to find the best possible solution to the given problem as soon as possible.

In each step of executing the order, we strictly comply with the requirements of our partners regarding the delivery dates, production costs and other circumstances that are important for the competitiveness of our customers on the market. We are a company with integrity, so we stick to our agreements and contracts signed with our partners down to the last detail.


  • Adria Mobil, d.o.o.
  • Marinar, Tomaž Gornik s.p.
  • AS Domžale, proizvodnja in popravilo avtobusov d.o.o.